As a support group

Interested people who feel in their hearts that they have to commit themselves to the Cause have their point of reference in the Association for the Postulation of the Cause of the unborn-martyrs and this web page is the means of communication and training to act in unity.

There are already several support groups in various parts of the world to coordinate the Association’s activities.

We look forward to a fruitful collaboration with many people of good will and in particular with proliferating groups and movements whose links we will give to share material and act together.

The goal we are pursuing is essentially spiritual, but to achieve it we need suitable means that surely Providence will not let us lack.

On this web page there will be space to make known local and particular initiatives.

Let’s start with three languages: Italian, Spanish and English with the hope of being able to insert others.

The fundamental basis for a support group is the knowledge, study and sharing of the book “the martyrdom of unborn children” by Dr. Giovanni Antonucci, Postulator of the Causes of the Saints, which can be downloaded directly from the web page together with other documentation.

It is up to creativity and personal commitment to be able to create a support group and help the Cause.

With donations