caliz US

Dear Priests,

offer every day, in the Sacrifice

of the Holy Mass to the Father the Most Precious

Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of N.S. Jesus Christ in Atonement

of our sins and those of the whole world.

Remember the blood of so many Innocents

considered by this company as waste and killed in the womb.

Join them with his painful passion.

Together we ask the Church the recognition of their martyrdom

Grace in baptism gives all brothers and sisters the common priesthood of the faithful. It makes you participate in the mystery of Christ who offers himself to the Father for humanity. Let us combine the offering of our life with that of the Innocents not born martyrs who, not opposing any obstacle to Grace, glorified God not with words, but with blood.

“With the mouth of babies and infants (and unborn aborted babies) you affirm your power against your adversaries to silence enemies and rebels,” (Psalm 8)