Appeal Today the whole world is experiencing days of fear for a virus that is a hidden enemy, sowing deaths and economic disasters.

All means are being used, using all energy to fight it and destroy it.

The media with a continuous update of news make us live the tragic scenarios of the pandemic… and this affects our senses and rightly pushes us to take all precautions for our own good and that of others.

The latest WHO data as of March 19, 2021 are 121,209,510 confirmed cases in the world since the beginning of the pandemic with 2,680,469 deaths. Unfortunately, there is another type of virus that lurks directly in the mind and spirit of many people, which is causing many, but many more deaths.

This has been happening for many years, even if no one talks about it.

To realize these data just go to the website www.worldometers. Among other statistics there is a counter that modifies and updates the number of abortions in the world second by second, according to official data from the World Health Organization.

Well, according to the portal in 2020, 42,655,372 abortion surgeries were carried out throughout the planet.

It means that every day there are almost 117,000 abortions, 4,860 per hour, over 81 per minute, far more than one per second (of unborn babies killed).

These babies are not statistical numbers that remain on paper that are used for social research! They are certainly not special hospital waste! They are human beings, they are people “rejected” by men, but certainly loved by God.

They have an important role in the economy of Salvation.

The little martyrs of abortion have within them the power of divine sonship that unleashes the evil one in his envy and hatred of God. They are potential “Kings” and are killed for this hatred.

Because of their suffering, they share the same condition as Christ, the suffering Servant, who came to offer his life for the salvation of men.

We are convinced that they are truly martyrs.

This is why an Association was set up that wants to launch an appeal to individuals, to various Groups, Associations and Movements to share this purpose. ← The smallest martyr in history

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