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The defense of human life does not only concern pro-life associations, but all of humanity.

John Paul II in the encyclical Evangelium vitae affirmed that: “The Gospel of life is at the heart of the message of Jesus.

Accepted by the Church every day with love, it must be announced with courageous fidelity as good news to men of every age and culture” Pope Francis in recalling the twenty-fifth of this encyclical reaffirmed with conviction the appeal that John Paul II made to respect, defend, love and serve life, every human life, adding that only on this path can justice, development, be found, freedom, peace and happiness.

And he continued: “In fact, the life we ​​are called to promote and defend is not an abstract concept, but always manifests itself in a person in flesh and blood: a newly conceived child … .. The defense of life for the Church is not an ideology, it is a reality, a human reality that involves all Christians, precisely because they are Christians and because they are human.

” In the culture of death in which we live today, the mass media have a predominant role, they spread ideologies against life in all areas of social life.

The mother yeast of all ideologies is relativism which fights the Truth by placing itself against God, the Father of Life. Recognizing by the Church that these unborn children killed by abortion are martyrs would be the most important act in defending life as it proclaims the power of God’s mercy which is stronger than sin, suffering and death. Let us become aware of the proportions of this martyrdom, it is the greatest holocaust in human history.

One might think that as the Holy Innocents prepared the way for Jesus in his first coming to earth, so now the Holy unborn martyrs are preparing his second coming in Glory.


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