Testimonials of healing

Dr. Amparo Medina has served in radical left groups, was a guerrilla, pro-abortion activist and former United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) official.

You are currently the executive secretary of the Life and Family Sector of the Ecuadorian Episcopal Conference and of the Archdiocese of Quito.

Father Carlos Cancelado Velazco is a Catholic parish priest of Chilapa, Diocese of Nayarit, Mexico. Born in Colombia, he lived a painful childhood of poverty, violence and strong resentments even against the Church but God’s mercy led him to enter the seminary and to be ordained a priest in particular ways.

Today with his charismatic preaching he announces the Gospel and testifies to it with his own life.

Javier Olivera Ravasi was born in Argentina in 1977.He graduated as a lawyer in the Faculty of Law of the University of Buenos Aires, then in 2002 he entered the seminary and after the two years of philosophy he was sent to Rome where in 2007 he graduated in Philosophy in the Lateran Pontifical University and in the following year he was ordained a priest.

He is University Professor in Legal and Social Sciences and Full Professor in Philosophy, History and Classical Languages. He is the author of various books and articles in Argentina and abroad. He created QNTLC, one of the most successful You Tube training and current affairs channels of the Church and the world.


Father Serafino Tognetti is a priest monk belonging to the “Community of the children of God”, founded by Don Divo Barsotti. He was born in Bologna in 1960.

In 1995 he was appointed Superior General of the Community, as the first successor of the same founder, a position he held until 2009.

For years he led a spirituality column for Radio Maria and was called to various parts of Italy as a preacher of spiritual exercises for religious, lay people, seminarians, priests and bishops. Among the texts by him, among others, the first biography on Don Divo Barsotti, and books on spirituality: The prayer; Meditations on the Eucharist; The perfect wedding; Padre Pio holy hermit; The Holy Rosary; The Virgin Mary; Jacinta. Father Tognetti currently lives in the Casa San Sergio hermitage, on the slopes of the Florentine hills.

Fabiola Tepox De la Vega coordinator in Puebla of the National Front for the family of Mexico




Patrizia Sandoval, former nurse of the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic.

Her testimony makes us understand concretely how relativist ideology works. In fact, she claims against the truth that the unborn child is an agglomeration of cells, it is not life and she convinces that the good is to kill him.

After having three miscarriages and working with Planned Parenthood’s chain of abortion clinics and hitting bottom in despair, she experienced divine mercy.

Today She es a Proven lecturer and presenter of a program on the Catholic broadcaster EWTN.

TESTIMONY OF HER LIFE – Testimony of Patricia Sandoval

Mirjana Dragičević is one of the visionaries of Medjugorje.

She is married, she has two children and lives with her family in Međjugorje where in May 2019, Pope Francis decided to authorize pilgrimages officially organized by dioceses and parishes.

In any case, the papal authorization must not be interpreted as an authentication of the events in Međjugorje, which require further examination by the Church.

Our Lady told me that aborted babies are with her.



Testimonial from Oscar y Lina Lopez

The damage of contraceptives and God’s mercy … We come from a Catholic family with a lukewarm faith but I had the grace of having very devoted paternal grandparents who taught me love for God and our Mother Mary … I got married in Colombia in the Catholic Church in…

Testimony of Giulio Gallerani

Don Giulio Gallerani is the parish priest of Rastignano on the outskirts of Bologna. In his church he has perpetual adoration and recently he inaugurated a bas-relief relating to the third mystery of Fatima where among the many martyrs of the twentieth century he placed the children killed by abortion….

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