With prayer

With Baptism we are inserted into the Mystical Body of Christ, we are consecrated, and through this incorporation we are called to participate in the Love of God.

Prayer is much more than a series of requests or thanks.

To pray means first of all to abandon oneself completely to the will of the Father, to follow Christ with absolute trust.

The main meaning of prayer lies in seeking an encounter with God, regardless of what we may ask or receive.

It is a need of our soul to unite with his Creator, with the All of him.

It may seem strange but when we feel the need to pray, often the initiative is God’s.

It is He who desires us, who calls us and who wants to know us.

This is why prayer can be seen as a way to respond to the Lord’s call. God wants to use us to carry out his plan of salvation and for this reason he offers us a covenant in sacred history.

In Christ with Christ and for Christ, we are included in the New Covenant.

Therefore true prayer is consecration, it is placing oneself with Jesus towards the Father to live his Will, this is the prayer of the heart.

With this prayer we open the door of our heart and our heart becomes the house of God, where He lives and acts.

With prayerJoining the Cause is essentially making yourself available to the Divine Will and this is our greatest contribution, the greatest help we can give.

What we ask the Church does not want to be to realize our pious wish, but to take into consideration the conviction of many people and give a judgment of merit.

We are convinced of the divine mandate that the Church has received for the good of humanity, so we must join in a confident and powerful prayer to ask for the recognition of the martyrdom of unborn children killed by abortion.

We ask this with the intercession of Mary Most Holy Spouse of the Holy Spirit.

We must pray together and organize prayer meetings.

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