In this section of our website we report the numerous and qualified testimonies on the reputation of martyrdom along with those important by the signs.

They will be presented to the diocesan bishop by the postulator together with the request to obtain the opening of the Cause.

“What matters at this stage of the procedure is not determining whether a supposed miracle can be recognized as a true miracle, but the fact that someone resorts to the intercession of the servant of God as a saint.

This perspective also explains why spiritual and temporal favors are also investigated.

The examples of these signs are innumerable and fill the pages of the magazines that publish the applications: after having prayed to the servant of God, one has found work, another is cured, etc.

In these cases it is very difficult, even generally impossible, to establish with moral certainty a link between the invocation and the favor received, but that is not what we are interested in at this moment.

It is simply a matter of verifying that those who claim to have received these favors through the intercession of the Servant of God consider them saints “… ..” (Alfredo Simòn, osb.

The fame of holiness and signs, 2018 Vatican Editorial).

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