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Article 1: Name and registered office

The Association called “Association for the Postulation of the Cause of the unborn children martyrs” is established, based in Manduria (TA), in via Bell’acqua n ° 57. The Governing Council may establish and close secondary offices, delegations and detached offices throughout the national territory and abroad. The registered office can be transferred without the obligation to modify the statute. The Association is based on organizational rules inspired by constitutional principles and administrative transparency criteria, art. 36 cc and following, and is non-profit.

Article 2: Constitutive and inspiring principles

Every man is created in the image and likeness of God and has in himself the original plan of the Father of Life, the plan of divine sonship; he is destined to inherit the kingdom of God and to be Son in the Son. Fundamental and inspiring principle is the divine dignity of every person that must be proclaimed and defended.

Article 3: Aims

The aims of the Association:

1) That of bringing out the role of unborn children killed by abortion in the economy of salvation and demonstrating that in the apocalyptic spiritual battle in which we live every day, as a Militant Church, they are present as soldiers of Christ. Given these premises, urge the Church to open a canonical process for the recognition of their martyrdom.

2) Precisely in order for the Church to examine this salvific role it is necessary that someone as “Actor”, in the name of a significant part of the people of God, requests it. We wanted to found “the Association for the Postulation of the cause of unborn children martyrs” with the aim of initiating, promoting and supporting the cause of holiness of children killed by abortion and to be an “Actor”.

3) To bear the expenses for the canonical process.