Man in his daily actions must make choices every moment, he must make decisions, both in the smallest and in the largest things.

If he is eating he must decide how to do it, if with cutlery or with his hands, if he talks to another person he must decide whether to do it with kindness or violence … he must choose in any situation how to behave.

In short, he must have an ethic in front of him. Culture is a wealth that accumulates over the years and centuries, it is a wealth that is within us, even if we do not realize it; it is an inheritance that we have received and that we must jealously guard.

We live in a Christian culture, the fruit of the blood of many martyrs. This culture has impregnated everything around us, if we know how to listen it speaks to us of a particular way of conceiving man.

It is the highest vision of man, because he considers him divine, created in the image and likeness of God.

The human person is the point of reference, he is the center of the world where his heart is the house of God where God wants to live. . In this heart, in that of all men, he places a natural law to be respected.

“Man discovers a law that it is not he who gives himself, but which he must obey and whose voice that always calls him to love and do good and flee evil, when necessary, clearly says to the ears of the heart: he does this , flee this other.

Man actually has a law written by God in his heart: obeying it is man’s dignity, and according to this he will be judged (cf. Rom 2, 14-16) “(Vatican Council according to pastoral constitution Gaudium et Spes, 16).

The greatest gift that God has given to man is freedom.

Full realization of freedom is that of choosing the divine will, so that God fulfills the purpose of the creation of man which is to share in him the divinity of him.

This thought is very far from what modern man lives who has the sky over him covered by large dark clouds that prevent him from seeing the sun. Man in a stage of his existence, with original sin, burned this plan of God, moving away from him and remaining an orphan in the midst of the world’s roads. God did not forget about him, he implemented a plan B which provided for the ransom of him, descending himself on earth and freeing him from the oppressor who held him prisoner.

But in all the redemptive action of God, man always remains with his freedom and must continue to choose and decide which side to take and which path to take, until the fullness of time when all problems will be solved and the earth will also disappear. death and new promised heavens and lands will come. In this moment we are in the midst of decisive events for humanity where the enemy always works and where God must have recourse to all Merciful Love to help us enter his “time of his”, his plan of redemption.

In this present moment and from the beginning, before man there is a decision to make, a fundamental option to make. Whether to trust God, recognizing him as Father and placing him at the center of one’s life and always seeking his Will or placing oneself, one’s “I” at the center and trying to solve all problems by oneself with one’s own reason.

This is the problem of humanity, it is called: RELATIVISM. Relativism is not only a philosophical current but it is a concrete reality, of every day, with which we have to deal; it comes from our choice of life.

Relativism is certainly against the Truth because if we choose to place selfishness at the center of our life, we are automatically putting ourselves against God.

“Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters”. ( Mt 12,30) These are the words of the Incarnate Word who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

To overcome the difficulties, the frustrations, the conflicts, the alienations … the problem must be identified, in order to be able to solve it. This we absolutely must do today: identify the real problem of humanity; this problem is RELATIVISM.

Today we live in a great confusion, where many people consciously or unconsciously make relativistic life choices. The great means of communication are not at the service of the Truth and do not help to know the Truth.

This is hidden, distorted, manipulated. We are not aware of so many strategic plans programmed over time. We are in the presence of a prevarication, of a well-hidden violence, justified and passed off as a good for the person who must implement it and even for a good for those who suffer it.

We are at the mercy of many ideologies that manipulate individuals and the masses through rhetorical speeches with a convincing dialectic and criticism.

There are different ideologies, they are all fermented by a mother yeast which is RELATIVISM which is a fundamental option: it places man and his self-referring thought at the center