let’s pray

Prayer to the unborn children

to obtain any grace

“Whenever you’ve done these things to just one of these mine

younger brothers you did it to Me “(Mt 25,40)

Little martyrs who are in the Father’s Heart and in the immense love of Mary,

we ask you: intercede for us the Spirit of Strength to help us fight evil so that, free from his influence,

we can live as worthy children of God. Since in your death the crucifixion of Jesus is repeated,

you can get a lot from God the Father:

ask him to lovingly change the hearts of those who for various reasons lead to the crime of abortion,

obtain forgiveness for your earthly mothers for not having had the courage to take you to see the light,

and to us the strength to continue the fight against murder and sin in all its forms.

Lord welcome our prayers for it to end in the world the terrible practice of abortion,

through the intercession of Mary always Mother.

With ecclesiastical approval Guayaquil 20 June 1999